Aiemmat pentueet - Previous litters

3 urosta + 5 narttua - 3 males + 5 bitches

Racy Red Glenstal Aegir of the Seas "Köpi"
Racy Red Glenstal Dawn of Dellingr "Verka"
Racy Red Glenstal Thor of Thunder "Tuure"
Racy Red Glenstal Eir's Blessing "Tuittu"
Racy Red Glenstal Freya's Legacy "Tinka"
Racy Red Glenstal Frigg's Instinct "Lyyli"
Racy Red Glenstal Gefjon's Harvest "Ebba"
Racy Red Glenstal Saga's Perception "Pulmu"


FI CH, erikoisnäyttelyn BIS 2017 / Best In Specialty Show 2017
Longjohns Alder Creek "Jösse"

C.I.B, FI & LV & RU & BY CH, FIJW-14, HeJW-14, BYW-15
Glenstal's Grand Entrance for Racy Red "Pinni"

This litter got their names from Norse gods:

Aegir is the god of the seas
Dellingr is the god of dawn, or the personification of dawn
Thor is the god of thunder
Eir is a goddess associated with medical skills
Freya is famous for her fondness of love, fertility, beauty, and fine material possessions
Frigg is the goddess of the sky and she had the power of prophecy and was in charge of weaving the fates
Gefjon is goddess of agriculture, fertility, abundance, and prosperity
Saga is the goddess associated with the wisdom, history and storytelling

I want to sincerely thank everyone who helped and showed support in this project during the months in so many different ways. Special thanks to Tiina, Jussi and Piia for co-operation.

1 narttu - 1 bitch
Racy Red Tree of Life "Varpu"


FI & NO & SE & DK & US CH, JEUW-15, JWW-15, SEJV-15, FIW-15,
HeW-16, DKW-15, NORDW-16, SEW-16 MerryMac You Are The Winner "Benson"

Racy Red Fountain of Youth "Hilla"

The story behind her official name:

"According to the Ancient Celtic Druids, the Tree of Life possessed special powers. When they cleared an area for the purposes of settlement, a single tree would be left in the centre which became known as the Tree of Life. It provided food, warmth and shelter to the population and was also an important meeting place for high ranking members of the tribe. As it also provided nourishment to animals, this tree was believed to take care of all life on Earth. The Celts also believed that each tree was an ancestor of a human being. It is said that Celtic tribes would only inhabit locations where such a tree was present."

Lämmin kiitos Hillan omistajille Katja Jokelaiselle ja Petteri Salmijärvelle sekä uroksen kasvattajille ja omistajille Gertrud & Thomas Hagströmille yhteistyöstä!

I want to thank Hilla's owners Katja Jokelainen & Petteri Salmijärvi as well as for Benson's breeders and owners Gertrud & Thomas Hagström for co-operation!

3 urosta + 1 narttu - 3 males + 1 bitch

Racy Red Holy Grail
Racy Red Midas Touch
Racy Red Philosopher's Stone
Racy Red Fountain of Youth

C.I.B, NORD JW-09, NORD & NO & SE CH, WW-11
Mac Rua's Hot Hazelnut

C.I.B, FI & EE & RU & GI CH, RKFW, FIW-11
Karamell-IN Tättähäärä "Hyrrä"

Ensimmäinen pentue oli yhtä ihmeiden ja ihmettelyn aikaa, siksi pentujen nimetkin olivat "aivan ihmeelliset" eli peräisin mytologian ihmeiltä.

The first litter felt like a miracle from the first minute, that's why the puppies got their names from the miracles of mythology:

The Holy Grail is a vessel that serves as an important motif in Arthurian literature. Different traditions describe it as a cup, dish or stone with miraculous powers that provide happiness, eternal youth or sustenance in infinite abundance.

The most famous King Midas is remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. This came to be called the golden touch, or the Midas touch.

The philosopher's stone is a legendary alchemical substance capable of turning base metals such as mercury into gold.

The Fountain of Youth is a spring that supposedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters.

Thanks to Eva Brunstedt for letting me breed Hyrrä to Roy!
Thanks to all puppy families for your trust!